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for me the MBTI was super accurate when I first took it and it remains accurate to this day (INTJ) but I’ve adopted this kind of pseudo extroverted persona when I’m around a lot of people, especially strangers, so I’ve taken to keeping an eye out for ENTJ stuff as well

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"hockey players are the toughest athletes!!!"

excuse u I will have you know that in 2013 Brett Cecil played a full inning after being called “a f*cking four-eyes nerd” by another player.



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Keith Olbermann gives an intro on how women are treated in sports. And then ethers the fuck out of the NFL for only suspending Ray Rice 2 games after knocking his wife out in an elevator.

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*talking to white*
me: hey montgomery we’re friends right? can i ask you a question?
timothy: my name is actually chester but yes
me: why did you pass the chinese
exclusion act in 1882

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Ryan Miller as a toddler: I....I...I...
Mom: You love me?!
Ryan Miller as a toddler: I just want to say what a piece of shit I think Lucic is
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